4moms High Chair

We were so excited to try out the 4moms high chair because we are obsessed with every 4moms product we own. They really think about their product design and how it all flows together to make parents’ lives easier. Sign me up for anything that makes my life easier, please! Their high chair is no different and we are huge fans.

My favorite features of this high chair are that the tray and entire chair wipe down super easily. We had a wood high chair with Holden and food stuck to it like crazy — it got disgusting fast. We did baby led weaning with Sawyer (look into it, we are huge fans!) so his chair got messy FAST. It has been so easy to keep the chair part clean! The tray is magnetic so I can have Sawyer on my left hip and the magnetic tiles guide the tray into the slots easily. Just make sure that it’s clicked in before you let go because I have accidentally dropped it a few times when it wasn’t in all the way.

You can move the seat part up and down so it will be perfect when Sawyer is bigger and we can just pull him up to the table (and still have him strapped in). The chair cushion seems super comfortable for his cute little tooshie and I love the double tray cause who wants to clean the tray every single time?! Not me.

4moms always seems to add some sort of twist that makes their products unique and definitely add a “cool” factor. The magnetic tray not only helps to guide the tray on but it also comes with a magnetic bowl so it makes it harder for your baby to throw that bowl of yogurt off of their tray! Like I said, always making parents’ lives just a little easier and for that, we are grateful!


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