>where did the time go?

>I’ve been thinking this morning about how fast time has been flying lately. Everyone always says “They grow up too fast” but I never realized just how fast he would. It seems like time goes by especially fast during the holidays, doesn’t it? He’s about to be six months already! It really seems like a few weeks ago that we brought him home so perfect and tiny. Now he can almost sit up on his own, roll both ways, and loves talking. 

[always loved that tongue]

[just a little guy]

[this was after a 6-hour cry fest. I don’t miss that :)]

Now look at my not so little guy!

[still loves that tongue]

I’ve gotta figure out a way to slow time down…

-Little Wife Power House


  1. Bradley December 23, 2010

    >So true… His faces are so adorable with his tongue sticking out. And, if you slowed down time, that six hour crying session would have been longer too. You do have a way to slow down time. It's through pictures and written memories that you can go back and relive precious moments with your sweet child.You are doing a great job!–Aly


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