>Super Baby Genius

>It’s tiring being a super baby genius…

-Little Wife Power House


  1. Lori December 7, 2010

    >he gets his genius from his aunt lori 😉

  2. Emma December 7, 2010

    >hi! i'm so sorry the link on my blog didn't work – i just fixed it. and here is the direct link: https://subscription.realsimple.com/storefront/subscribe-to-real-simple/site/sm-2for1-2388donor2010.html;jsessionid=mCG0McmFgcnFNlfGfpLzQp1NQZ1HvJZp3vlZyXvPZyMsdmp6GqC4!-1992978256?link=1001104thanks for letting me know it was going to elf! i had no idea! your baby is adorable!!


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