Hatch Baby Rest

I’ve partnered with Hatch Baby before on their smart changing pad and I just can’t say enough good things about their products! The design is always so clean and after using two of their products now with my kids, I can honestly say that their products make parents’ lives easier! I was maybe a little too excited when I was given the chance to try out their newest product, Rest, because we have a major problem of kids waking up super early and wanting to climb in bed with mom & dad in the middle of the night every.single.night. I’m going to share about how we use the Rest in our home but this would also be perfect for a nursing mama who needs a soft light to see or a new parent who gets up frequently in the middle of the night. We’ve been using it in our six and four-year-olds’ room and I just can’t say enough good things. I hope I’m not like overselling this (no, I can’t) but when something makes my life easier as a parent, I basically want to shout it from the rooftops!

Our sweet 4-year-old, Charlotte, has had a bit of a hard time going to bed in the past. Usually my husband would have to lay with her for quite a while each night before she could doze off and if she woke up in the middle of the night, she would be scared because the competitor we used would have turned off to save the battery. Since we started using the Rest about a month ago, we have had zero problems with her going to bed and she has climbed in bed with us maybe two times!

The Rest comes with a few pre-set combinations of sounds and colors that are designed to help your little ones go and stay asleep or you can program combinations of your own. It connects to your smart phone through an app and you can either control it by touch or with the app from another room. We just keep the light and sound on all night because it helps our kids sleep and it doesn’t bother anyone else but if you have light sleepers or thin walls, you can turn it off from the comfort of your own bed and not risk waking the beast…err, sweet children 😉 Our two oldest kids currently share a room so they switch off every other night getting to choose the color and truly, it comforts them. You can change the color just by tapping the ring on the top or holding your finger down to turn it off completely. You can also purchase super cute covers that I LOVE! We switch ours out every so often and the neutral b+w covers are of course my favorite.

An amazing feature is you can program the light to turn green when it’s okay for your little ones to get out of bed! This has been a struggle of ours for years because our oldest gets up SUPER early (we like to call it the devil’s hour) and proceeds to wake everyone else in the house up. Trust me, we have tried products that do this same thing and it has never stuck so I’m not sure why the Rest did the job, but IT DID. Through the app, we were easily able to set it to turn green at 6:45 and I kid you not, most mornings right at 6:45 you can hear Holden cheer that “IT’S GREEN, CHARLIE!” You can set any number of events ranging from bathtime to bed time to wake time. Kids thrive on routine and a visual cue can be super helpful.

I already have plans to get another one for Sawyer’s room and possibly a third if the two oldest end up wanting to split rooms once we head to Texas. Holden & Charlotte are so cute and want to keep sharing a room even though we’ll have plenty of space for them to have their own. I know one day they’ll have to split up (and will want to) so I’m just enjoying the closeness it affords them. Nothing better than your babes being BFFs! You can grab a Rest of your own HERE, I heard they just recently had a restock so are off pre-order!


This post was sponsored by Hatch Baby but as always, every word and opinion are my own.

>Lazy Sunday

>I love Sundays! They are the most enjoyable day of the week, in my opinion. The Sabbath (to me) means worshipping God and spending time with family. Today was stake conference which meant we got out of church at noon as opposed to 4:00 PM! Yay! That meant we got to come home and spend lots of time together. I gave Holden a bath, we did tummy time while Allan read a story to Holden, we napped. Nap time with Holden is the best:

{Together now: AWWWWWW}

{“Enough with the pictures, Mom!”}

{“The Giving Tree was his friend?!”}

{“So that’s what a tree looks like…”}

What a wonderful day. I would live days like this over and over again if I could…

Later this week: my experiences with cloth diapers. 

Happy Sabbath!

-Little Wife Power House

>Holden’s 3 Monthday, Cont.


{Holden and I had a photoshoot on his bedroom floor. I’m in most of the pictures so I’ll just post this one of his cute face!}

GiGi and Robert joined us on Thursday for dinner and cake for Holden’s 3 month + 1 day birthday :P. We had to do it a little late because Allan couldn’t get home in time on Wednesday. Just wanted to post a few quick pictures!

{Holden passed out before we even had dinner so we just took a few quick pictures and put him down for the night. This boy loves his sleep!}

-Little Wife Power House


>Don’t say I didn’t warn you 🙂 I am one proud momma today! Last night we decided to try transitioning to the crib for a full night’s sleep. I had been toying with the idea for a few days and finally decided to just go for it. I was nervous because (as I told you all before) Holden sleeps on his stomach. I may have checked on him throughout the night…at least I didn’t sleep in there on the floor like I really wanted to! It was nice having our bed back but I really missed him. It’s a little early (he’ll be two months on Monday) but I really felt like he was ready. I also didn’t want him to get wise on the fact that we were in bed with him every night (he never warmed to his Arm’s Reach Co-Sleeper for some reason). He did great! He woke up once at 3:45, ate, and went right back to sleep until 8:30. What a good boy!! I, on the other hand, could not go back to sleep until 6:15. Blah. Oh well, I got to read some, take a bath, mess around online..it was kind of nice. Okay, I’m done.


Now I’m really done 🙂

-Little Wife Power House

>my son, the stomach sleeper.


(DISCLAIMER: I know all pillows/blankets/other items should always be removed from a baby’s sleeping area – ESPECIALLY stomach sleepers – but I was right there the whole time so Holden was in no danger.)
Holden will be seven weeks on Tuesday. He has had some issues with sleeping on his own the last few weeks and I’ve been trying to find a solution. He will be fine for a few minutes when I lay him down but he startles himself awake and then realizes he’s no longer being held and will not go back to sleep. Holden the cat napper. Frustrating! 
All I’ve ever read about babies sleeping on their stomachs is how bad it is. It’s linked to SIDS. Scary! As a new mom, I have enough to worry about. I started reading some blogs and real life experiences of moms dealing with the same thing and they all said the same thing – not as worrisome as everyone thinks. Now, I’m not saying it’s not nerve-racking still. It is. But I’m dealing with it. 
How, you ask? Well, I don’t sleep as well. I wake up quite often to check on him. I’d rather suffer a little and Holden sleep better. During the day, I check on him every 10-15 minutes and during the night he sleeps right next to me so I can check on him. I can rest a little easier because Holden is so strong. He has been able to hold his head up from day one (literally) and has no problems moving it from side to side. 
Let me know if any moms out there are/have dealt with the same thing and can offer any advice!
-Little Wife Power House