>holden shopping


So I mentioned before that I have a holden shopping problem, right? Well this time it’s okay because I haven’t been able to think of things that I want for Christmas. I’ve been able to think of plenty of things I want to buy mr. h for Christmas. Perfect solution! Get the H man [too many nicknames in one post?] Christmas presents instead of me! Here is what I got: 

I saw the Zzzoolight [the elephant lamp] in People magazine a few months ago and I’ve been wanting to get it ever since. I found all of these items here. It was either spend $20 on shipping or spend $20 more shopping and get free shipping. I chose the latter. That’s how they getcha! I love the items though. Isn’t the T-Rex Teether cute? 

Merry Christmas to me!

-Little Wife Power House

PS Holden just rolled from his back to his stomach for me!! Proud momma moment!!!

>lovely new dress

>Two of my best friends [Sallie & Garrett] are getting married on December 28th [26 days away!] and I am beyond excited for them. How often do two of your best friends marry each other?! I can’t wait for the next few years to fly by so they can get this Lubbock phase out of their systems and head home to hang out with us every weekend :o) I don’t really have any dresses that fit me anymore [thank you breastfeeding] so I got to do a little online shopping for their big day. Facebook always puts these ads on my sidebar for Mod Cloth and Jen Clothing [modest, cute clothes]. I decided to peruse their dress sections yesterday and found these two beautiful dresses:



I wanted the bride’s take on it and of course she said she liked both…how could you not? Hmmm…looks like this decision was going to have to be my own…I really like the top one because I don’t have to worry about my garments showing at all. But the second one – I fell in love with. It reminded me of this Carrie Bradshaw dress:

Prices were similar…but I love that the second one is a “party dress” as Sallie put it. So what if I have to wear a black tank under it? The first one was maybe more practical but the second one is more fun. I went for FUN! What do you think?

-Little Wife Power House

>grocery shopping with a baby

>Let me tell you, I used to love grocery shopping (I know – weird thing to love). I loved making the list, people watching, taking my time strolling down the aisles, I didn’t even mind when I forgot something and had to go back to the other side of the store. Now? I hate grocery shopping. I still like list making (although I have improved it significantly), I can’t people watch anymore, and I do not stroll. There is no strolling. There is constant rushing because I just can’t wait to get it over with. Sounds a little dramatic but that is how annoying it is to me. I was just telling Allan two nights ago about how much of a pain it is now. For the first *almost* four months of Holden’s life, I have had to carry him around the grocery store. YES – carry him while pushing a cart and while getting things off of the shelves. It truly is amazing the things moms can do with only one arm free. He is not a fan of his car seat. 

We had a breakthrough in the last week! Holden has sat in his car seat practically the whole time the last TWO times I’ve gone shopping! I only had to get him out once to hold while I got deli meat and then popped him right back in. HALLELUJAH! I still don’t stroll (yet) because I never know how long his content-ness will last but hey, I’m happy as a clam! 

Now, I said I’ve improved my grocery list making lately. This is thanks to Rookie Cookie (who sadly stopped blogging recently – but that’s a link to her post on this that I followed). It’s genius and I don’t know why I never thought of it before. I’ll leave you to her post so you don’t have to read it twice. No more having to walk back & forth and back & forth because you forgot something in the produce section and now you’re in the dairy section. I love it! My grocery shopping experience is much faster and easier. 

One more thing that makes my grocery shopping trip easier? MARKET STREET. If you live in the Frisco area and don’t shop there, I would consider switching :). Best customer service – hands down. No competition. They have parking for expectant/new mothers. They are helpful in the store, cheery even! They unload your grocery cart, re-load it, take it out to your car, unload it, and take it back inside! They won’t even accept tips! I’ve been completely spoiled by them and rarely go anywhere else. 

Sorry for the long post 🙂 Happy Thursday! I can almost taste the weekend!

-Little Wife Power House

P.S. We ordered our stockings from Pottery Barn last night! Holden got this one, Husband got this one, and I got this one. Let me tell you, it was a little weird typing “Mom” and “Dad” for the embroidery! I’m so excited for our first Christmas with H. 

>Baby Gap is dangerous!

>I love Baby Gap. Their clothes are SO cute and great quality. Some of my favorite onesies are from there because they are just so soft and I don’t have to worry about the fabric irritating Holden’s skin. We went to Gap today to buy Allan some new pants. We had a Groupon for $50 and since the pants were 40% off (and we HAD to spend the entire $50), we ventured over to Baby Gap. I can never just get one thing but we did pretty good – only got two things! And boy are they adorable. Just look at this hat and mittens!

{I can’t wait until it gets cold enough for Holden to wear this!} 

We also got Holden’s Christmas PJs. I love cable knit sweaters so this was perfect. I know it looks huge, it’s 6-12 months but the 3-6 was only up to 17 lbs and Holden is already almost 14 lbs so I have a hard time seeing him fitting into the 3-6 size come the end of December. Here are his Christmas PJs:

Adorable, right?! I can’t wait for Christmas. I already know this Christmas is going to be the best one yet because we have Holden here with us. Every Christmas will only get better from here on out. 

-Little Wife Power House

>4:07 AM

>I know, I know…it’s 4:07 AM and I should be sleeping. I have no excuse because I’m not even nursing Holden anymore. BUT my friend Sallie’s friend Allison {who doesn’t even know me, I might add} did the sweetest thing for me and I felt inspired to re-do my blog. Allison did the new title area to my blog! Isn’t it so great! I love it. Thank you, Allison, if for some reason you wander over to my blog :P. 

Oh, and I had to post pictures of Holden’s new hat! I couldn’t resist. I have to add that this was Holden’s FOURTH outfit of the evening. He spit up on two and peed all over one (through his diaper and all over his back. This boy is talented). 

{Holden and Daddy}

{What a ham. He looks at the camera every time I point it at him. As long as he notices.}

And happy 10/10/10! Fun fact: Allan and I were married on 08/08/08. 

-Little Wife Power House

PS. What do you guys think of the redesign? 

>thinking of traditions


Oh, how I love thee, Anthropologie. Lori and I went to the Willowbend Mall yesterday. The night before, Allan asked me what I was planning on getting. I responded, “Nothing. I’m just going to hang out with Lori & the boys.” HA! I don’t know myself very well. me + mall = bad news for our checking account! I swear, I had every intention to window shop. With that being said, I got some seriously cute things for Holden {and mom & dad}. Got a few things at Janie & Jack {Of course on sale. I can’t afford that store not on sale}, the most ADORABLE hat you’ll ever see at Gymboree {I’ll post a picture this weekend after he wears it to Spaghetti Sauce Saturday at GiGi’s}, and of course my beautiful purchases from Anthropologie.

I’ve been thinking of traditions I want to start now. I figured it’s a good time to start a few traditions since we just had our first and he’s still young. I found these adorable mugs at Anthropologie:

We decided we are going to sip hot chocolate from these mugs every Christmas morning. Mom & Dad get matching mugs and each child will get his/her own special mug with their initial or name on it. Allan went to turn off the lights in the kitchen and when he came back to bed he told me when he looked at the mugs he saw us 80 years old on Christmas morning sipping out of those mugs. He said the mugs might break but the tradition will always be there. It made me really happy to imagine that. I’m so grateful that we were sealed in the temple and get to be a family forever. 

I also got this apron. I can’t wait to get it for Christmas from my mom! I’m going to look sooooo cute when I cook :).

What are some family traditions of yours? I’d love to hear! 

-Little Wife Power House