The Ultimate Traveling Partner

You guys, I am so happy to report that this product actually lives up to the hype I built. It might even better than I thought it would be! We were lucky enough to be sent two bed boxes from Jet Kids for my older kiddos and they were SO excited to take them on our trip to Austin. We usually get comments on our Orbit stroller that boasts two super rad skateboards but this time we got constant comments on their little suitcases they were riding around! And when we told them that they also turn into a bed on the plane?! Their minds about exploded. A couple of older men said they wish they had one for themselves!

There was a tiny bit of a learning curve for our kids scooting around the airport but that’s to be expected. The floors were a little more slick than our floors at home but they quickly adjusted and were zipping around easily soon enough. I love the sense of independence it gives kids to pull around their own suitcase. They feel like they’re contributing to the family which always makes them feel good!

Having the bedbox on the plane was amazing for the kids to stretch out their legs, keep their stuffed animals close, and keep their snacks all in one, convenient space. Usually they find it hard to get comfortable on the airplane but being able to stretch their legs helped a lot. And you guys, if you travel a lot with a baby, this would be a d-r-e-a-m. Being able to lay down a sleeping baby or even set one in a seat without having to worry about them jumping off, such a peace of mind! If you get it early on with a baby, you would be getting your money back a hundred fold with the years of use you’d get out of it, trust me!

I would definitely recommend getting one for your kiddos. It’s a really quality product (and a 3-in-1) so even though the price tag might be a little more than you’d typically spend, this is an item you will be passing down from kid to kid. You can buy a bed box of youre own here and they also have a list of retailers on their website!


This post was sponsored by Jet Kids but as always, every word is my own.

>2010 in Review

>This is mostly for me 🙂

This past year has been an incredible year. The best year of my life. Naomi from Rockstar Diaries did a “2010 in Review” post recently and I thought it was such a good idea. I get all of my good ideas from other people 🙂 Imitation is sincerest form of flattery, right? Although I haven’t been blogging all year and can’t do the fun links for every month like she did, I’ll do what I can!  

in january i was just over 3 months pregnant. I was starting to gain the tiniest bit of weight and was so happy to have made it through the first trimester with no morning sickness. we also started looking at houses in january! what a long process that turned out to be. i was in the young women’s presidency and allan was scout master. i felt my first baby kick on january 28th and discovered etsy 🙂

in february i hit the half way mark! we found out we were having a boy and i immediately went crazy shopping. asher turned 1 year old and allan felt holden kick for the first time on february 10th. we spent our last valentine’s day without children at a fancy hotel in frisco. we shopped, ate room service, and relaxed. 

in march we made a few offers on houses but nothing was working out. i was nervous because the $8,000 tax credit was about to run out. we started our Bradley classes [which ended up being a waste of $250 but whatever]. we looked at our current house for the first time on march 18th and fell in love. i also got to shake Dallin H. Oaks’ hand TWICE on march 21st :). we made an offer on our wonderful home & [somehow] it was accepted!  

in april we honored allan at his Honor Student Ceremony on the 9th. he was chosen out of all the IT students! what a smartie i have. i continued to shop. and shop. and shop. we went to the denton arts&jazz festival on the 23rd and moved into our new casa on the 29th! 

in may lori, julie, casey, & cassandra threw my first baby shower! it was fabulous. we had our final sonogram & my work baby shower [it was amazing as well] on the 7th. i celebrated my first mother’s day and we started teaching our wonderful sunbeams [i’m going to miss that calling and those kiddos]. 

in june i was considered full term. allan had his diapers&rootbeer party. we installed the car seat and were ready for our baby to arrive! i was done working [at the office] and just waiting for the h man…my due date came and went…

in july we made our first mortgage payment! hello adulthood! we celebrated lots of birthdays [jr’s, robert’s, holden’s, steve’s, and mine]. holden joined our family on the 13th and it was just the best day ever. holden had his first doctor’s appointment on the 16th. 

in august i started this blog! i never thought i would love it like i do but i do. we also celebrated holden’s 1 monthday, i realized holden was a stomach sleeper, and i got pooped on for the first time. we celebrated our two year anniversary [obviously at home this year].

in september holden got his first shots [on the 17th]. we went to the arboretum and holden experienced his first plane ride to meet grandma&grandpa tubb. i went back to work [from home]. 

in october we dressed holden up as a skeleton and a bear. he started sitting up assisted. i made cinnamon rolls by myself for the first time and am addicted now. i started the gratitude challenge. we went to our ward’s trunk or treat & the Guerrero’s Pancake Breakfast! holden rolled from his belly to his back for the first time. 

in november we celebrated our first thanksgiving at Allan’s parents house [sick] and had our first major date night since the baby! holden turned four months old and tried rice cereal for the first time. 

in december we had our annual ugly christmas sweater party, made gingerbread houses, and attended sallie’s bridal shower. holden got his first chucks, made his first road trip [here and here], and celebrated his first christmas [here and here]. i also am doing my first giveaway [check in tomorrow for the winner]! sallie&garrett got married and holden rolled from his back to his belly for the first time! we ended the year celebrating allan’s birthday with some bowling & video games. it sure was a fun day. 

Phew, that was long. thanks to anyone who stuck with me to read it…

-Little Wife Power House

>looking back on 2010

>Well, 2010 was kind of crazy for our family.

We bought a house…

We had a baby…

We survived our first road trip with Holden…

We lost someone we love…

But got to catch up with a lot of family…

We celebrated a lot of “firsts”…[including Christmas!]

So happy that I get to spend 2011 [and forever] with these studs…

Goals for 2011:

  • attend the temple once a month
  • exercise once a week [i hate working out]
  • read our scriptures daily [this way harder than it may seem]
  • get my life organized again
  • read 2 nonfiction LDS books
  • cook four times a week

We hope everyone has a safe & happy New Years!

The giveaway ends at midnight tonight. Go here to enter! 

-Little Wife Power House