>date weekend!!

>So this weekend was nearly perfect. It was date weekend 2010! My amazing mom agreed to watch H Friday evening and Saturday afternoon so Allan & I could spend some time alone together. We haven’t been on a date since H was born and I have a feeling that it will only happen a few times a year. Sad but true. We hadn’t been to the temple since before H was born. We used to be great about it. We first started going every week [and that actually lasted longer than I thought it would], then it went to every month, then once H was born temple visits were non-existant. That was priority numero uno this weekend!

[the husband & I before going in]

I took a picture of the temple but none of them did it justice. The temple is just so beautiful! At about 9:30 I made the mistake of thinking about food and couldn’t stop after that [breastfeeding moms – you know what I’m talking about]. The second we left, we stopped at the first Whataburger we could find and at the time I thought it was the best thing I had ever eaten. Allan says hunger is the best spice! The next morning, I woke up and made pumpkin pancakes for us

. Perfect fall breakfast! I’m definitely making them again. We sat by the fireplace on a blanket and ate picnic style. 

We lounged all morning and it was perfect. We haven’t had such a relaxing weekend in a long time and we needed it. My mom came over and took the boy so we got to go see HARRY POTTER 7! I’m not going to ruin it for anyone, don’t worry. Buuuut it was GREAT. Action packed, sad, and definitely darker than I was expecting. I only fell asleep for 15 minutes or so 😉 We got pumpkin cheesecake [it’s that time of year to take advantage!] from The Cheesecake Factory [SO YUMMY!] and headed home to relieve Mom so she could go out to Dallas. We ended the evening with putting up our Christmas tree and decorations. We had to take advantage of the free time because who knows when we will have another chance!

[we love christmas!]

[husband hard at work]

[Yes, that is Santa Mr. Potato head as our tree topper :P]
One last picture. We were given this adorable robe and I kept forgetting we had it and he’s almost too big for it now [babies grow out of clothes too quickly] so I had to take a picture. Enjoy!

 -Little Wife Power House

>The Gratitude Challenge: Day Two


Day two: 
I’m grateful for my husband, Allan. 

I couldn’t have asked for a better husband and I really mean that. We are so perfectly suited for each other. We balance each other out. I’m high maintenance, he’s laid back. I’m organized, he’s…less organized. The list could go on. Most importantly though – we love each other to the max. He’s such a great father. I know he’s going to be such a great example to Holden as he grows up. It’s important to me that Holden has a good father figure and someone who will always be there for him no matter what (besides me) and there is no doubt in my mind that Allan will be both of those things. I love how he makes me laugh when I’m grumpy. I love that he always puts our family first. I love that he always raises his eyebrows when he smiles in pictures and he rolls his eyes when I say, “Let’s take another one with your eyebrows lowered.” I love that he’s the smartest person I know (and I honestly mean that). I love that he works so hard for our family (gone for 12+ hours each day at work and school). I love that we get to be together forever thanks to the blessings of the temple. I look forward to the future and what it holds for our family…probably not the ten kids Allan wants :P. I love you, Allan – to the moon and back. 

-Little Wife Power House

>found the $40!

>I know you’re all waiting on pins and needles to find out if we found the $40. Let me preface this post with Allan is the best husband in the world and his least favorite chore is taking out the trash. 

I looked all around the house (multiple times), through the diaper bag (multiple times), through my wallet, everywhere. Like I said before, it was no where to be found. I thought I had put it in one of the plastic grocery bags I was carrying things in. The grocery bags were no longer on the table but Allan said he was sure he looked through them. I’m a mean wife and asked him to look through the trash since we couldn’t find it. Being the obliging husband, he humored me and looked through the trash in the kitchen and the trash he had taken out the night before in the big trashcan outside. He came in and told me no such luck. Urg…where could it be?! We both left Holden’s room and started walking back to go to bed (past the kitchen table) and it was exactly where it should have been. On the table with the other items Allan had taken out of the plastic grocery bags before throwing them away. 

I say again, Allan is the best husband and he quickly forgave me for making him dig through the trash. 

-Little Wife Power House

>4:07 AM

>I know, I know…it’s 4:07 AM and I should be sleeping. I have no excuse because I’m not even nursing Holden anymore. BUT my friend Sallie’s friend Allison {who doesn’t even know me, I might add} did the sweetest thing for me and I felt inspired to re-do my blog. Allison did the new title area to my blog! Isn’t it so great! I love it. Thank you, Allison, if for some reason you wander over to my blog :P. 

Oh, and I had to post pictures of Holden’s new hat! I couldn’t resist. I have to add that this was Holden’s FOURTH outfit of the evening. He spit up on two and peed all over one (through his diaper and all over his back. This boy is talented). 

{Holden and Daddy}

{What a ham. He looks at the camera every time I point it at him. As long as he notices.}

And happy 10/10/10! Fun fact: Allan and I were married on 08/08/08. 

-Little Wife Power House

PS. What do you guys think of the redesign? 

>a weekend with the great grandparents


We had so much fun in Midland this weekend. It was Holden’s first time on an airplane and I had nightmares of him crying the whole time and everyone on the plane going “ugh…” We got there bright and early – even had enough time to grab a Cinnabon! Yum! While GiGi was getting the Cinnabon, I went to a seating area to change Holden’s dirty diaper. He was crying pretty loudly. Here’s the conversation my Mom had with a guy in line:

*Everyone is looking over at us*
Mom: That’s my daughter. She said everyone is probably thinking, “I hope that baby’s not on our plane…”
Man: Yeah…*shifty eyes*

Luckily that was the worst of it. He was a perfect angel there and back! I nursed him on the take off and landing except on the way home Holden pulled away because he’s a tough boy and didn’t need to nurse on the landing! I’m glad it went well because now I won’t be dreading the next plane ride. Here are a few pictures on our way to Midland:

We spent the weekend visiting with my grandparents, playing with Holden, showing Holden off to various visitors, playing in the rain (see below!), making our traditional trek to 7-11, and just relaxing in general. It was nice to get away from everything and just be able to be with family. I wish we could go more often. For the first time I noticed just how alike my grandma & mom are. They are both soooo stubborn! Neither of them will let anyone do anything for them unless you force them. Their personalities are so similar. No question that my mom is her daughter. 🙂 Holden loved Midland! He can’t wait to go back and neither can we. 

Here is a picture of four generations. Grandma, Mom, me, and Holden:

This picture cracks me up. Like father like son…both infatuated with the iPad…

-Little Wife Power House

>lots of pictures :)

>The two studliest men in my life:

He’s all smiles during tummy time! Look at that strong neck!

I just love this shirt – especially with his stylin’ diaper! 

We love to go to church 🙂

-Little Wife Power House