>found the $40!

>I know you’re all waiting on pins and needles to find out if we found the $40. Let me preface this post with Allan is the best husband in the world and his least favorite chore is taking out the trash. 

I looked all around the house (multiple times), through the diaper bag (multiple times), through my wallet, everywhere. Like I said before, it was no where to be found. I thought I had put it in one of the plastic grocery bags I was carrying things in. The grocery bags were no longer on the table but Allan said he was sure he looked through them. I’m a mean wife and asked him to look through the trash since we couldn’t find it. Being the obliging husband, he humored me and looked through the trash in the kitchen and the trash he had taken out the night before in the big trashcan outside. He came in and told me no such luck. Urg…where could it be?! We both left Holden’s room and started walking back to go to bed (past the kitchen table) and it was exactly where it should have been. On the table with the other items Allan had taken out of the plastic grocery bags before throwing them away. 

I say again, Allan is the best husband and he quickly forgave me for making him dig through the trash. 

-Little Wife Power House

>losing my mind

>It’s official. I’m losing my mind. I used to be very on top of things, very on the ball. Now I’m like this:

You know, everyone told me before I had Holden that the more children you have the more braincells you lose and (of course) I thought, “not me!” This week my sister is going to Lubbock and I’ve texted her 3+ times about fun things we could do this week. Her replies have been, “I’ll be in Lubbock all week”, “Remember, I’ll be in Lubbock”, and “I’ll be in Lubbock, silly”. Note that I “knew” she was going to be there every time I asked.  At least she’s patient :P. Then my mom gave me $40 to pay me back as I was leaving her house on Friday and I can’t find it. Anywhere. I’m up at 4:30 AM because I can’t stop thinking about where that money is. That’s another thing. I would really like to wean Holden off of this 3:30-4:00 feeding. Not because I mind getting up but because I have a hard time falling back asleep. My brain starts going a hundred miles a minute. I start making lists of housework, house projects, think about work, remember things I’ve lost, errands for the next day, etc. Holden has been asleep for 30 minutes and I’m still racking my brain about the $40! What is wrong with me? I’m typing this on my iPad (will transfer later) and Allan just rolls over to go back to sleep without missing a beat. Wish I could just go back to sleep like that. If I didn’t write everything down I would never get anything done. I’m a firm believer of lists. Lists make Jen’s world go round. As long as I still have my semi-punctuality, I’ll stay sane. 

-Little Wife Power House

>life as a stay at home/working mom

>When I first agreed to working at home, I honestly thought it would be easy-peesy. No stress. Granted, I was first approached with the idea when Holden was a newborn and nursing for literally half the day. I sat around a lot. I watched a lot of TV. I thought, “I might as well be doing something productive while I sit here.” I didn’t actually start working from home until last week {Holden will be 3 months on the 13th}. I don’t know if I would use the word hard to describe it. I can say that my stress level has gone up quite a bit. Allan works full time and schools full time so that leaves 95% of the housework up to me. On top of house work is actual work. On TOP of housework and work is Holden. I’m not complaining. I love my life. I really do enjoy being busy {I would much rather be busy than bored}. It’s just a lot. I’m sure a lot of you wear just as many hats as I do and probably more. Kudos to you! Give yourself a big pat on the back because you’re wonder woman.

Here is Holden helping mommy work:

{Please don’t look too closely at me. I’m wearing zero make up. Who am I kidding? I hardly ever wear make up anymore…who has the time?}

Please leave any similar experiences you have had and things that help you deal with the stress :P. Don’t say chocolate. 

-Little Wife Power House

>today has been exhausting


Beware of reading this post. It will probably be full of whining and complaining but I have to vent somewhere! I figure it’s okay since this is a substitute for my “journal.” 

I started working again a few days ago. Luckily, the company I work for has been amazing and offered to let me work from home part time. What a blessing! I’m so thankful. Today I had to go into the office to get things set up and for them to explain exactly what is expected of me. I started my trek down to Dallas at 10:00 AM (we left on time – go us!). It took us about an hour to get down there (which made me realize how much I do NOT miss the commute!). I brought Holden with me today because I’m going to wait a little longer until I introduce the bottle to him. Wowowow…my boss was so understanding (and he doesn’t even have kids!). I had to take breaks to change him…nurse him…soothe him…all the while worrying that my boss is going to fire me. It’s so much easier working when I’m at home. I can nurse & work, work while he naps, work while he chills in his bouncer, etc. Since I was working from 10:00AM-4:00PM, Holden only got about a 30 minute nap and our nursing schedule was all over the place! All of those components do not equal a happy baby. Considering all of that though, he tolerated it very well. 

Lucky for me he slept most of the car ride home instead of screaming his head off :). Oh the little things…then at home Holden had an exploding diaper which he almost never has, he peed all over himself and me when I was changing his diaper (yuck, it even went in his mouth and all over his face. I have a hard time not laughing at that though…), and earlier at Pinkberry he spewed all over me. I’ve been spit up on, pooped on, and peed on. At least those are really the only things that could come out of his body. I hit the trifecta! Phew, today has tested my patience. And now my husband’s laptop (which I guess is mine since he passed it down to me) has eaten the CD I need for work. 

You know what could cure my grumpiness? A HUGE BAR OF CHOCOLATE. But guess what – I can’t have chocolate!! What else could I have…maybe I’ll make a cake. I need some dessert with a bunch of calories to munch on or maybe an old fashioned cry session. Alright, I’m done. If you read this post, I’m sorry. My next post will be back to happy Jen, I promise. You know, I just thought of what will cheer me up. The fact that Big Bang Theory, Grey’s Anatomy, Vampire Diaries, and Bones are all on tonight.

I have to add at least some positive things in here so I’ll list some current blessings in my life:
my sweet baby boy, Holden
my trooper of a husband, Allan
working from home (with benefits!!!)
conference this weekend!
the gospel
i had pinkberry today and got to see my friend, Heather!
the best family ever
a beautiful home

-Little Wife Power House