prints being retired

I’ve been posting a lot on instagram about tons of prints being retired and I thought it might be helpful to put links all in one place. Easier to keep everything straight and make sure you get notified in case I don’t have time to post about it on social media. A print being retired means it will NOT be brought back to my shop — ever — so if you’ve had your heart set on it, I definitely recommend snagging it soon as some only have one left of each.  So let’s get to the list.

Grey Cat Boppy Cover

Daisy Crib Sheet

The Lilly Crib Quilt [only available in crib size]

Lilly Crib Sheet

The Teagan Crib Quilt [only available in crib size]

Field Party Crib Sheet

The Berkeley Plus Quilt 

Berkeley Crib Sheet

Geo Baby Blanket

Little Bow and Arrow Collab Quilt

The Alison Plus Quilt

I will also be flying on a plane alone with my two kids and pregnant belly to head home for a couple of weeks [wish me luck!] so all orders placed now will ship June 25th at the earliest. All turnaround times are on each listing. If you have any questions not answered here, please feel free to send an email to and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can!


LWPH in Country Living

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the growth of my business. It has been steady and I’ve loved being able to add a couple of talented seamstresses to my team — they are truly fabulous! It got me thinking about some of the coolest opportunities I’ve had since starting my business and one that immediately popped into my head was my 2014 feature in Country Living Magazine!



I was so beyond excited when one of the editors commented on my instagram and sent me an email a couple of hours later. I didn’t want to get my hopes up too high because I’ve heard that things get cut with magazine features all the time. I happened to be out of town with the most minimal access to finished quilts or the ability to whip out any quilts but it was kind of amazing how it all came together! I had brought a throw quilt I needed to finish binding for a customer, a throw of mine, and my mom had one. My customer was AMAZING and let me borrow her quilt for the shoot and I sent everything overnight.  My friend from California also overnighted a quilt I had made for her daughter. I was so grateful how generous everyone was to help make this happen!

I heard back from Country Living and everyone was raving about the shoot — I couldn’t wait to see it and was still dying to get the final word on if the feature was going to make it in or not! My hopes were definitely high at this point but luckily I didn’t get crushed as I got final word that it had gone to print! My little shop was going to be featured in a national magazine. Is this real life? I even got tagged by a friend from high school after she found me at Target! Totally made my day/week/month/year.



The best news is I still hadn’t seen the shot! I was under the impression that my quilts were going to be hanging out in the back of some beautifully staged room, piled up or laid across a couch. That would’ve been awesome, right? The morning it was released on digital I got a tag from another shop posting the feature and it was a full page spread! Four of my quilts on a full page. It was seriously one of the coolest moments and I won’t soon forget the feeling. I may never  be featured in another magazine and that’s totally okay. I’m beyond grateful for my experience with Country Living — everyone I worked with was so great and so kind!

This year I’ve been having to readjust my expectations for Little Wife Power House as I’ve been trying to take care of myself [and this growing babe!] but I know I still have so much more to offer and can’t wait to see what the rest of the year brings my business!



freezer cooking tips + links

Today has been a weird day. I woke up EXHAUSTED and even texted my husband that I could hardly keep my eyes open and would probably be laying in bed all day [like I did yesterday]. I cleaned the kitchen a little then had to pick my 4-year-old up at preschool. I felt guilty that we’d be stuck in the house all day and instead of picking up a quick lunch, we opted to grab some groceries at Target. I was about to go in and got this urge to cook a few freezer meals I made when I was pregnant with Charlotte [now 2 1/2] so we grabbed the ingredients for those as well as the basics. The next text to my husband was a little different — going from complete exhaustion to a photo of all the food I had cooked was kind of surprising to him!

So I thought I’d link to some of my favorite freezer meals and some tips I’ve picked up along the way. I’m a HUGE fan of freezer cooking. I know space can be an issue for a lot of people and I have a few tips to save space but not many, just a heads up!

  • Today I made these chicken enchiladas. They are so good! I just freeze the sauce separately and since we aren’t huge fans of leftovers, I always split recipes in half and either cook half for dinner and freeze half or just freeze both halves.
  • Breakfast items are a must when you have littles to take care of on top of a newborn. Not that cereal every day won’t work. Cereal works and we’ve done that too but every once in a while it’s nice to pull something out of the freezer and feel like a rockstar mom! I make these banana muffins and add chocolate chips. I also always double or triple waffles + pancakes anytime I make them and freeze the extras. With muffins, I fill the liners with batter and stick them in the freezer. Once they’re set, I take them out and put them in a gallon size bag. Then you can either take out and thaw the morning you want to cook them or you can just add a couple of minutes to the cook time! Fresh muffins! Freezing cooked muffins works really well too though and with a newborn, it’s nice to have some stuff that you don’t have to do anything to!
  • Pioneer Woman’s chicken spaghetti is definitely a go to of mine! One tip I always do is I, once again, split the recipe in half but the nice thing about casseroles is you can put them in a gallon sized ziploc, lay flat in a pan and stick in the freezer. Takes up minimal space and you can stack meals on top of meals! It’s great.
  • This white chicken chili was a huge hit for our family and I snagged some of these from amazon for storage. They’re super nice and I also use them for homemade spaghetti sauce. Make sure not to fill ALL the way to the top since liquids expand a little when frozen.
  • Chicken rolls are always my go to for freezer meals! It reminds me of home and they are just so good. Freeze on a pan just before cooking then stack them in a gallon size freezer bag. Easy peasy!
  • You can also freeze crock pot recipes all in one gallon size freezer bag. Pinterest has lots of great ideas!
  • And last but not least…TREAT YOSELF with some frozen cookie dough that you can just take out and cook! Chocolate chip cookies are always a go to but you can freeze any kind!

I hope this helps some of you get started on freezer cooking! I know it’s not for everyone but on hard days where I’m about to ask my husband to pick up take out, it’s nice to get a win and be able to pull out a wholesome meal for your family! Please leave any freezer meal recipes/links in the comments, I’m always looking to expand my list!


wanderer product review

Wow, so coming up with titles for blog posts is REALLY hard! As you can see, I took the more literal route. Full time bloggers, I bow down to you and your endless creativity!

I’m so excited and honored that one of my absolute favorite fabric designers asked me to be her last some on the Wanderer Fabric Tour! I love sneak peeks of products coming so I’m going to share a few things to come with the shop! First up is a new crib sheet that will be coming sometime in March. The print going down the side of the mattress is a perfect addition to the print and doesn’t it just work perfectly for a crib sheet?!

Sweet Madison was the best model! She loved being wrapped up in this blanket, probably because it’s made out of the softest knit ever! You can stretch it crazy far and it still pops back into shape. I remember when I first started sewing, modern prints were just starting to get popular and now lines like Wanderer come out that just leave me so inspired to create pretty things for you + your babes. I definitely couldn’t do what I do without talented ladies like April!

I’ve been talking with Katy from Sweet Littles Handmade for so long about collaborating on a doll quilt. When we were both sent a little of Wanderer to play with, we knew exactly what print we’d be using to make the cutest doll/quilt combo. I was so excited I whipped it up that same night! Make sure to follow me on instagram because we might just be doing the cutest giveaway ever with some of my absolute favorites soon!

I’m so glad you guys have been loving my new everyday blankets as much as we do! My daughter literally sleeps with at least one every single night and they are SO warm and cozy! When I saw this print I knew it was screaming to be used on something large scale! It’s perfect used on an everyday blanket and will be amazing made into a crib sheet as well! Can’t wait to introduce these products to the shop!

I’ve copied and pasted links the other wonderful, talented men + women on the fabric tour so go check them out and be inspired!

Sunday Feb. 15 – Nicole Morgenthau –
Monday Feb. 16 – Holly Hughes –
Tuesday Feb. 17 – Shannon Cook –
Wednesday Feb. 18 – Becca Bryan –
Thursday Feb. 19 – Rochelle New –
Friday Feb. 20 – Kate –
Saturday Feb. 21 – Amber –
Sunday Feb. 22 – Caroline Hulse –
Monday Feb. 23 – John Adams –
Tuesday Feb. 24 – Maureen Cracknell – maureencracknellhandmade
Wednesday Feb. 25 – Delia –
Thursday Feb. 26 – Kelly –
Friday Feb. 27 – Christopher Thompson –
Saturday Feb. 28 – Jen –

Thanks so much for stopping by and make sure to follow April on instagram [@aprilarhodes] for a giveaway of the line!


new boppy love

so this is my first blog post officially as a shop owner. I blogged for years about my family but I’ve been pushing back blogging here for over a year! I felt like my first post had to be some earth shattering news but guess what?! It’s going to be about my new boppy covers and shop stress!

I had a crazy stressful day. I realized a couple of weeks ago when I was making some modern horizon everyday blanket preorders that I had completely run out of that print. That never happens! I always have ridiculous amounts of that print because it’s so popular! So I put my order in with my wholesale distributor and was told it would be here today along with some other fabric. I checked the UPS tracking more times than I care to admit and when my husband yelled that it had finally come in I ran out of my sewing room and ripped open the box only to find every print BUT the one I needed! I am supposed to be sending out these orders tomorrow to all of my wonderful customers who have waited patiently for these cozy blankets!

What can you do though? Sometimes these things happen and it’s not my fault and it’s not the distributor’s fault something happened at the facility which messed up the shipment. Really, it’s not that big of a deal. I sent out emails and the people I heard back from were so kind. In the grand scheme of things, it’s really not a big deal [I’ve probably told myself 100 times today]. I just super hate going past my promised ship date! I really never do and actually always try to ship out early!

Are you still with me? Ready to see some cute new boppy covers listed? Say hello to the avery, sketch, rose, and grey cats boppy covers!

Each boppy cover is machine washable + has a 20″ zipper for easy off and on. Anything with babies MUST be machine washable! With the right print, a boppy can totally blend in with your nursery decor! Just leave it on your rocker and it’ll be waiting for you in two hours when it’s nursing time again…

I’m grateful to have this space to share more details on my shop with you guys! Next I’ll do a little intro on how LWPH came about!

xx, LWPH

>2010 in Review

>This is mostly for me 🙂

This past year has been an incredible year. The best year of my life. Naomi from Rockstar Diaries did a “2010 in Review” post recently and I thought it was such a good idea. I get all of my good ideas from other people 🙂 Imitation is sincerest form of flattery, right? Although I haven’t been blogging all year and can’t do the fun links for every month like she did, I’ll do what I can!  

in january i was just over 3 months pregnant. I was starting to gain the tiniest bit of weight and was so happy to have made it through the first trimester with no morning sickness. we also started looking at houses in january! what a long process that turned out to be. i was in the young women’s presidency and allan was scout master. i felt my first baby kick on january 28th and discovered etsy 🙂

in february i hit the half way mark! we found out we were having a boy and i immediately went crazy shopping. asher turned 1 year old and allan felt holden kick for the first time on february 10th. we spent our last valentine’s day without children at a fancy hotel in frisco. we shopped, ate room service, and relaxed. 

in march we made a few offers on houses but nothing was working out. i was nervous because the $8,000 tax credit was about to run out. we started our Bradley classes [which ended up being a waste of $250 but whatever]. we looked at our current house for the first time on march 18th and fell in love. i also got to shake Dallin H. Oaks’ hand TWICE on march 21st :). we made an offer on our wonderful home & [somehow] it was accepted!  

in april we honored allan at his Honor Student Ceremony on the 9th. he was chosen out of all the IT students! what a smartie i have. i continued to shop. and shop. and shop. we went to the denton arts&jazz festival on the 23rd and moved into our new casa on the 29th! 

in may lori, julie, casey, & cassandra threw my first baby shower! it was fabulous. we had our final sonogram & my work baby shower [it was amazing as well] on the 7th. i celebrated my first mother’s day and we started teaching our wonderful sunbeams [i’m going to miss that calling and those kiddos]. 

in june i was considered full term. allan had his diapers&rootbeer party. we installed the car seat and were ready for our baby to arrive! i was done working [at the office] and just waiting for the h man…my due date came and went…

in july we made our first mortgage payment! hello adulthood! we celebrated lots of birthdays [jr’s, robert’s, holden’s, steve’s, and mine]. holden joined our family on the 13th and it was just the best day ever. holden had his first doctor’s appointment on the 16th. 

in august i started this blog! i never thought i would love it like i do but i do. we also celebrated holden’s 1 monthday, i realized holden was a stomach sleeper, and i got pooped on for the first time. we celebrated our two year anniversary [obviously at home this year].

in september holden got his first shots [on the 17th]. we went to the arboretum and holden experienced his first plane ride to meet grandma&grandpa tubb. i went back to work [from home]. 

in october we dressed holden up as a skeleton and a bear. he started sitting up assisted. i made cinnamon rolls by myself for the first time and am addicted now. i started the gratitude challenge. we went to our ward’s trunk or treat & the Guerrero’s Pancake Breakfast! holden rolled from his belly to his back for the first time. 

in november we celebrated our first thanksgiving at Allan’s parents house [sick] and had our first major date night since the baby! holden turned four months old and tried rice cereal for the first time. 

in december we had our annual ugly christmas sweater party, made gingerbread houses, and attended sallie’s bridal shower. holden got his first chucks, made his first road trip [here and here], and celebrated his first christmas [here and here]. i also am doing my first giveaway [check in tomorrow for the winner]! sallie&garrett got married and holden rolled from his back to his belly for the first time! we ended the year celebrating allan’s birthday with some bowling & video games. it sure was a fun day. 

Phew, that was long. thanks to anyone who stuck with me to read it…

-Little Wife Power House

>looking back on 2010

>Well, 2010 was kind of crazy for our family.

We bought a house…

We had a baby…

We survived our first road trip with Holden…

We lost someone we love…

But got to catch up with a lot of family…

We celebrated a lot of “firsts”…[including Christmas!]

So happy that I get to spend 2011 [and forever] with these studs…

Goals for 2011:

  • attend the temple once a month
  • exercise once a week [i hate working out]
  • read our scriptures daily [this way harder than it may seem]
  • get my life organized again
  • read 2 nonfiction LDS books
  • cook four times a week

We hope everyone has a safe & happy New Years!

The giveaway ends at midnight tonight. Go here to enter! 

-Little Wife Power House

>holden starts with green beans!


On Christmas we went over to the Guerrero’s and had a fancy schmancy meal. It was gourmet! Martha Jr. [aka Lori] made beef tenderloin with potatoes, green beans, rolls, gourmet mushrooms, etc. It was amazing. Holden is almost 6 months so we decided it was time to start him on some green veggies! Green beans were there [and are usually around] so we are starting with those this week. He’s naked because he had blown out of his diaper and I only had one back up outfit and I thought he would be a lot messier than he was! 

[This is my favorite picture of the bunch. I love the Christmas tree in the background.]

He probably ate 2-3 mashed green beans. The travelling food mill is a must! This week at home I will be using the Magic Bullet to blend green beans and will be using the same containers as I did with the rice cereal to freeze some for future use. It’s exciting. My baby boy is growing up! 

-Little Wife Power House

PS Don’t forget about the giveaway! You only have until Friday at midnight to enter!

>more Christmas fun!

>I told you…FOUR Christmases! It’s just been so much fun to stretch out Christmas. Luckily we have enough family that we might get away with this every year. muahahah 🙂 

We went over to my Mom’s tonight. Emily, Steve, John, and Chris all came down from Utah and Julie made the trip from Dallas. What a wonderful family we have. We opened presents first since the amazingly tasty chicken pies took a while to cook. Here are a few pictures of the shenanigans that ensued.

[they have a major bromance going on]

I had to take a picture of the loot we scored at Gigi’s. She spoils us [with gifts, with love, with everything].

[yes, that is just OUR stuff!]

[casey, look at my apron from robert! mrs.clause&santaholden]

Mom & Lori ordered these pies from Harry&David. We saw them on Oprah. “If Oprah likes them they have to be good” was our thought and we were so right! They are SO good [especially the gravy, right guys? :P] Check them out!

I’m so excited to use our new pots & pans! My mom surprised us with those. I’ve been complaining about our pots & pans for months [terrible. emeril. don’t get them.] and she was so sweet to think to get us those. We’re home now and are probably going to watch How To Train Your Dragon [thx mom]! I feel so blessed. I feel blessed every day but especially blessed this time of year to spend so much time with those I love [and the presents don’t hurt ;)]. 

Goodnight from the Andersons!

-Little Wife Power House

PS Don’t forget to enter the giveaway! Only 5 days left!!

>100th Post Christmas Giveaway! – closed


I’m so excited for this giveaway! I love Christmas so much. One of the biggest reasons I love Christmas is because I love giving gifts. I love finding that perfect present. So instead of giving away one big present, I decided to split the dinero and give away three prizes so more people could win! I’ve thought a lot about what I wanted to do. I tossed around a lot of ideas but in the end I wanted to give away items I fully endorse & own. Here we go!  


This prize has already been won. We decided to use a portion of the money I set aside for this giveaway to pick a name off of the angel tree at church. 


Remember the Bento Box? Allan loves his Bento Box and I just think it’s the coolest lunchbox I’ve ever seen! It comes with two larger boxes, two smaller boxes, a small dipping sauce container, silverware, and carrying case. 


This prize is a bundle and you get these wonderful items: 

1) The Lower Lights//A Hymn Revival CD: These musicians are amazing. It’s beautiful and a fresh take on the classic hymns. 

2) Anthropology Apron: I’ve mentioned my love for Anthropology before. I got myself one for Christmas. I love that their aprons are functional and fashionable! 

[sorry for the terrible pic. allan published the post on accident and I don’t have time to re-take a better pic but it’s super cute!]

3) 101 Things To Do Before Your Kids Leave Home

I picked this up in Anthropology when I was picking out the apron. Wouldn’t it be fun to complete every activity in the book? It has things like thank a soldier, build a birdhouse and wait for them to come, and organize a search for teddy bears in the dark. Even if you don’t have kids now, you probably will one day and you’ll have all kinds of wonderful ideas! 

How To Win?!

1) US & Canada only
2) You must be a follower of Little Wife Power House [click the “follow” link on my sidebar]
3) Leave a comment telling me your nameemail [so I can let you know if you win], and which Prize # you would like to win & why
4) You can receive one extra entry for posting about this on facebook [leave an extra comment], twitter [post the url your extra comment], or your blog [post the link in your extra comment]. 

5) You have until 11:59 PM cst Friday, December 31st to enter!
6) Winner will be announced on Saturday, January 1, 2011

    Good Luck and Merry Christmas!

    -Little Wife Power House
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