Hatch Baby Smart Changing Pad

I am constantly blown away by the amazing baby products people are coming out with to take away as much worry from us mamas as possible. We have enough to worry about, don’t we?! I was so excited when Hatch Baby reached out to introduce their new product, the revolutionary smart changing pad that connects to a free app on your smart phone to track your baby’s weight, feedings, and even sleep!

I don’t know about you but being that I’m exclusively breastfeeding, I’m constantly worried that Sawyer is getting enough to eat — especially in those early days. The guessing can leave you seriously stressing! The Hatch Baby changing pad has a scale, guys! I was able to weigh him before and after feedings to make sure he was getting plenty of milk, can you believe it? What a blessing of peace of mind! I immediately thought how wonderful it would be for mamas who bring home premature babies to closely track their weight gain and diaper output! In fact, my mama friend who gave birth at 32 weeks was wishing she had had a Hatch Baby pad in her home back in her most worrisome weeks. The pad also wirelessly sends Sawyer’s weight to the app and charts it all! I love taking babies to doctor’s appointments just so I can hear how much they weigh. Nothing better than knowing your babe is thriving. Friends are always asking how much Sawyer weighs so now I can say [down to the ounce]!

We put so much thought and love into every detail of our little one’s nurseries, don’t we?  Sometimes techie baby products can look clunky and the design can be lacking. The Hatch Baby changing pad is sleek and the top pad is even interchangeable so it can be washed or changed out if you decide you want a slightly different look. We went with Ash but it also comes in Rose, Sand, and Sky. Doesn’t it fit into the decor seamlessly? It was my last item to put in so I’m pretty sure one of their four colors would fit into most color schemes!

The app is a great partner to the changing pad. I love that I can enter information as I’m nursing [bravo efficiency!] I’m also reeeeeeally grateful that all of Sawyer’s information is right at my finger tips for those moments when his pediatrician is asking me about his sleep/feeding schedules and I’m all wide eyed because I can’t even remember my name on the three hours of sleep I got the night before. It has saved me from looking like a super spaced out mom more than once! Even if you don’t have their changing pad right now, I recommend getting their free app to keep track of their stats although I’m sure you never have space cadet mom moments like me, right? Never ;)!

…and one photo of my three little loves just for fun because I can’t believe how lucky I am to mother my sweet red head, blonde, and brunette babes.

This blog post is in partnership with Hatch Baby and all photos by Corinne McCombs Photography.

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