>homemade rice cereal

>Lori & I were talking about rice cereal yesterday since H was at the age where I can introduce him to it (even though my pediatrician says 7-8 months…crazy!) We found a recipe on the internet for homemade rice cereal. Since I’ve been dying to make him some baby food it was the perfect opportunity! It was so easy. Ridiculously easy [THANK GOODNESS]. Here it is along with some pictures:

Short grain brown rice
I used breast milk as well

Blend rice into a powder [I finally got to use my Magic Bullet!]
Sift rice powder
Bring 3/4 c water to a boil
Add 1/4 c powdered rice
Whisk continually (while it simmers) for 10 minutes

Easy, right?! It’s good in the fridge for up to three days and 3-4 months in the freezer. 

I found that it was VERY thick…especially since this was going to be his first go with rice cereal. After I put his portion in a separate bowl, I added breast milk to thin it out. He did pretty well! He wasn’t too sure about the actual rice cereal but boy – exploring that spoon thing sure was fun! I had to use the bigger size spoon because I couldn’t find the small ones but he loved chewing on it so it worked out anyways. Here are some pictures:

Next I will be using the ole MB to puree some fruits and veggies. Should be fun! I never would have pinned myself for a baby food making, cloth diaper using mom…just goes to show you can never predict what kind of a mom you’ll be!

-Little Wife Power House 


  1. Lori November 24, 2010

    >Look like he did good! Those first food photos are priceless. I love his face in the third one. 🙂

  2. ashlee0720 December 11, 2010

    >Glad you were able to make the rice cereal! I thought about doing that when Brayden was born but never got around to it. Where did you get those little containers that you put the baby food in?LOVE the pictures! 🙂


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