>The Gratitude Challenge: Day Eight


Day eight:
I’m grateful for my iPad :o)

{Would any of you guess that this was 
one of Allan’s favorite newborn pictures?}

Hehe! Allan is going to love this post! I married a geek, okay?! What do you expect?! When Allan was (successfully) talking me into getting him an iPad I thought to myself that I would never get one. He was home for about a month when I had Holden and I ended up using it a lot. Mostly for TV, facebook, and browsing the internet (which is still the case…but I added Solitaire now). It has an ABC app, a Netflix app, tons of games, an iCalendar, a Pandora app, etc. Allan got me one for my birthday and I use it every single day. He knows me better than I know myself! He got me the 16 gig wifi version and it’s been perfect. I can take it anywhere in the house with me while I nurse H. If you have the extra money, I totally recommend one! 

-Little Wife Power House

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