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>(This was written and posted originally on August 25, 2010)

So in case you were wondering what LWPH stands for, look to the title of my blog. My silly husband, Allan, likes to call me “Little Wife Power House.” I’m not quite sure when it started or where exactly it came from. He used to just call me “The Little Wife”…well, because I’m small. 5’2” and my weight – let’s just say my BMI is healthy 🙂 – a woman never tells her weight! 
Then the power house came…you’d have to ask Allan exactly why but as far as I know it’s because of the “sassy” aspect of my personality. If you know me, you know I’m blunt – definitely not one to shy away from speaking my mind (I know, lucky Allan!) As Allan would say, “She’ll little wife power house kick you in the face!” We’re weird but I wouldn’t have it any other way. 🙂 
There it is. 
-Little Wife Power House 


  1. Lori August 27, 2010

    >Love the name. Of course I kinda made you have it. Hee hee.


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